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This FREEWARE Android application covers about electron configurations and the Periodic Table.  The terms used in this app are based on the free chemistry e-book from OpenStax.org.  There are 87 terms presented in 5 sets.  Topics covered include electron configurations, orbitals, subshells, Bohr model, emr, periodic table details, etc.  The user must select the term that matches a given  definition. Each word set has a Study Screen for the user to read and review the information. Visit OpenStax.org to download FREE textbooks!
The score is reported as an accuracy of the number of correct answers out of the total answers selected. A “help” button reveals the answer, if needed.
This app works fine with Android versions 5.0 through 9.0. This app is offered totally free of charge and does not require a registration. There are no ads or permissions and the internet is not needed.  It should not be sold for profit. Search for “Richard Carman” on Amazon Store in the "Apps and Games" section, Google Play Store, and itch.io   to see more of my free apps. Send questions and comments to rtcarman47@ gmail.com

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