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     Those parts of the metric system which are most important to Science students are covered. A problem term will appear in the lower right and the palyer must tap on the best matching answer.  The speed of the bouncing tiles determines the difficulty and maximum score. Tapping HINT will flash the answer. A CHEAT sheet can also be made visible during the game. The score accumulates as you move from screen to screen. There are 5 screens in all: Abbreviations, Meanings, Powers of Ten, Metric-English Equivalents, and Metric-Metric Conversions. Each screen conatins a total of 10 matching tiles. Music plays during the game, but can be muted at the start. There are two study screens which present all of the data that is covered in the game.
     This is not a total review of the metric system. This app focuses on those metric prefixes and units most often used in science courses. It is meant to give the student a good foundation to build on.
     There are no permissions, registrations or internet connections needed. I have tried the game on a Galaxy S8+   phone, Kindle Fire HD Tablet and a Samsung TabS2 Tablet. Start with low speeds and work up to higher ones.
This game is free to all who want to use it. It may not be sold or distributed for profit.  Enjoy.

Install instructions

Download to your Android device (phone, tablet, or TV) select the apk file to install. Enjoy.


Tma-AND-v2-64.apk 2 MB

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